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IT services and solutions
from people to people

Chilit was founded on a love of IT and customer service. We provide IT services
that no one else has the skills, time, or courage to offer.


As your service partner, Chilit provides a wide selection of modern services in the spirit of the times. We are here to help you in any way from planning and implementing a particular technology to acting as a comprehensive service partner in charge of all your data administration. According to your requirements, we provide capacity from our own cloud service or a public cloud. The earth is not round, it is a hybrid.


Chilit’s Paprika IT Infra Services™ ensure that your IT solutions are kept up to date and your IT services function optimally. If you wish, Paprika IT Infra Services™ can extend to outsourcing all your IT infrastructure to Chilit. Together we can map the needs of your organization and provide a service that is exactly right for you.

Our Pikantti IT Lifecycle Services™ cover workstation and application lifecycle management, installation automation, and Windows 10 implementations. You can purchase this service for your company by outsourcing your workstation environment to Chilit (through our continuous Chilit-Pitopalvelu™ service). We also provide our skills and support as expert services, in which case our experts are responsible for the services or projects specifically agreed upon.

Chilit’s Limetti Software License Services™ ensure that your company’s software assets are always up to date and that no unnecessary investments are made. If you wish, this service can extend to outsourcing all your software licence management to Chilit.

Chilit was founded out of passion for information technology and high-quality customer service. We believe in thinking differently and providing IT-services that no one else has the skills, the time or are bold enough to offer. We offer a wide range of IT solutions from user-based services to cloud-offerings. Chilit is the place where passion and creativity meet.

Chilit Oy

Helsinki: Turkhaudantie 5, FI-00700 Helsinki

Turku: Juhana Herttuan Puistokatu 3, FI-20200 Turku

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