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Remote work becomes the new normal

Remote work becomes the new normal

Coronavirus forces us to live in a totally new situation that requires minimizing physical contacts but nevertheless society needs to be kept up and running.

Companies and organizations recommend moving to telecommuting (working remotely) wherever possible and avoiding unnecessary contacts. As a service provider we know our responsibilities and act according to the recommendations in our daily work. Our mission is to keep our customers’ IT environments in good working order and to help them utilize the solutions and licenses they have.

Microsoft Teams is a tool that fits in with all kinds of telecommuting and allows businesses to stay on top of what they are recommended to do. Teams works in all locations, on all devices and enables effective communication internally and externally. Many organizations have only a portion of Teams active users, so now is the time to deploy Teams to all users in any company.

Microsoft wants to promote the use of Teams for both private and corporate use, and to provide Teams for free:

Free Teams for individuals

Free Teams for 6 months for non-Teams companies

How to use Teams (a video training kit)

Microsoft has also released an application for crisis communication utilizing Power Apps, Sharepoint and Teams

Chilit helps customers deploy Teams and maintain existing environments. Be in touch with all your needs with our sales.

Chilit has been part of the Dustin Group since May 2019. Below are greetings from Dustin CEO Thomas Ekman to all of us:

“We are a company that can provide equipment and services that helps our customers stay in the forefront even in strange and difficult times like these. Our promise “We keep things moving” is better, and more important now than anyone could ever have imagined.

Keep calm and retain control,

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